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Post Seige

It is not surprising that many white people are choosing self-destruction over equality. Since Obama’s election it became clear that we were about to enter a time of incredible white rage. What happened in the last four years was not surprising at all to those who were paying attention. Whenever people of color are given equal space at the table white rage is soon to follow. After slavery there was Jim Crow and segregation. After The Civil rights act there was gerrymandering so that black votes were muted and red lining so that black people were segregated “legally” to be abused by police and the justice system. With each step forward white rage has been there to make sure that it pushed us back as much as possible. “All lives matter” was never about all lives. It was about white lives mattering more.

Here is an important point. Not all white people are like this. Over the summer last year we saw thousands of white people take beatings and abuse for the sake of equality. Portland was such an expression of love and the willingness to sacrifice for the sake of those who may not look like you. So the division in America is made up of two groups. One group is white with tokens of color that are used to “prove“ that they’re not racist whilst fighting against equality. The other group is the most diverse I have ever seen. Not just race but age, religion, spirituality, sexual orientation, gender... This movement is not only looking to move forward but also to reach back and lift up our indigenous brothers and sisters, the true owners of the land and seek to bring healing through true repentance and restoration by laying the red carpet for our indigenous family so they resume their place in using their voice as the nation determines it’s destiny.

So it is not surprising that we are experiencing one of the most intense forms of white rage since the Civil War. It is not surprising that the nation has been brought to the brink of self-destruction. It was predictable. To some of us it has looked like watching the rerun of a series you have watched a few times before. Many white people acted in character as they were triggered by fear, hate and lies, leading them into a state of rage. It started with doubting the validity of a piece of paper and now it has reached its peak with insurrection.

I am genuinely shaken by what happened last week. I am genuinely concerned for myself as a black person. I am genuinely disillusioned by the church and it’s history of signing on to and being silent about fascism and white Supremacy. But I believe that nothing can stop a people united. United in the equality, united in love, united in restoration, united for progress. This gives me joy. We have really tough times ahead as we deal with white rage. But I know that love always wins over hate. Winning doesn’t look like we always want it to and there have been losses along the way but Love’s victory is guaranteed.

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